Financial Services: Buy-Sell Side

An In-Depth Compliance Solution

Financial Services

Our Founder & CEO spent over 20 years in Financial Services, buy-sell side: front office, as well as regulatory compliance and internal controls. We understand your industry.

IDcheck offers a fully automated KYC service, suitable for client identification, verification and onboarding and can be used as part of AML requirements1. It includes:

  • Biometric Identity & Official Document Verification
  • Proof of Address
  • Credit Checks
  • Global Sanctions Checks (UNSCC, OFAC, OSFI, OFSI, SECO)
  • Barred Directors Checks
  • Criminal Checks

We also provide a full audit trail, to comply with global regulations, such as FINRA Rule 3310 and the EU’s 5th AML Directive, all while maintaining strict GDPR and BIPA compliance.

Identify clients to help detect Money Laundering and Transaction Fraud. Facilitate secure, remote signing with additional layers of protection.

Contact us to discuss how IDcheck’s automated Biometric Screening, Document Authentication and KYC solutions can help you combat Financial Services fraud.

1Clients Served

  • Sell-Side:
    Banks, Broker-Dealers, FCMs, IB-Cs, Mortgage Lenders, Private Banking, Foreign Correspondents and FinTech
  • Buy-Side: Mutual Funds, Wealth and Asset Management, Investment Advisors
  • Alternatives: CTAs, CPOs, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Assets and Real Estate
  • Service Providers: 3rd Party Administrators and Custodians
  • Gate Keepers: While legal obligations differ, Lawyers, Accountants and 3rd Party Marketers also have exposure

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