Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision

Biometric Screening & Authentication: Discover Identity Theft.

Using our own proprietary Facial Recognition, Liveness Check and Motion Analysis algorithms, IDcheck confirms that the ID relates to the applicant.

The user follows screen instructions to perform actions such as looking left or right and three screenshots are automatically captured. First these actions are validated and then all three images are compared to the passport photo, using facial recognition, to ensure it is a match and we output the probability of a match. It prevents a fraudster, who stole an ID, from copying a photo from social media and holding it in front of a webcam. It also prevents someone holding an object in front of the camera from by-passing the motion detector as this would fail the facial recognition stage.

Our facial recognition software was tested on thousands of images from every country and achieves an extremely high success rate. It works across races, ages, ageing and even features such as weight gain or head coverings.

When an image is blurred or too dark, correction algorithms are applied and in many cases, these images can be used. If not, the user is provided feedback and should submit an improved image.

As part of our Data Privacy, Security and BIPA compliance measures, after Client Reports are issued, all Biometric data is deleted from our systems (although a sample may be held temporarily for R&D purposes only). This also reduces the risk of being an attractive target for cyber theft.

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